Location: Underway to the Marquesas

Another day of sailing with great wind and sun to remind us once again how lucky we are to be crossing the Pacific Ocean! Today is the 11th day of our crossing so far. We started the day with the classic watch routine. During my watch, my watch team and I decided that we should have started a “watch tradition,” so after a few ideas, the one that was elected as the winner was this: the watch team leader for the day, at the end of his or her turn, has to rap in front of the team a song of any topic of his/her choice (beatboxing by any other member of the team is allowed). At twelve, we had a delicious Mexican lunch which gave us all the energy to start classes: lunch was tacos, rice, roasted peppers and onion, chicken, and a tomato sauce! Today was a big day for a lot of us as we finally managed to fully understand chart work, and we built a lot of confidence by practicing with Meg and Tim. Today we also had some free time which some of us used to rest, read a book, write our journal or relax on the deck. We ended another day by looking at a bright orange sunset and a rising moon while enjoying some homemade naan bread!


Pictured: Eliza and Kai happily did their laundry, Meg and Peter preparing naan bread, Seby and David doing vigilant bow watch!

Current position:
7*14.55′ S
119*47.01′ W