Location: Underway to the Marquesas

This morning was very busy with watch team two standing the 4:00 – 8:00 watch. Our fearless leader of the morning, Seby, made up his mind to set the helming record of the trip (also known as the Seby-thon). This meant he relieved the last watch team at 3:55 and then personally proceeded to keep Argo on course to the Marquesas for the next four hours. Simultaneously, the rest of the watch team decided to get into an accompanying stretch-a-thon, limbering up for three of the four hours with various stretches. On the late morning watch, team three bent on and raised the fisherman sail, so at lunch, Argo had all six of her sails up! A filling lunch of veggie burritos was eaten before everyone gathered in the salon for a leadership class focusing on integrity. Once complete, all hands mustered on deck to assist in taking the fisherman down since there was no longer enough wind to keep it full. Sure that it was safely packed away, everyone again met in the salon to have the second class of the day, marine biology. Brains overflowing with new knowledge on the intertidal zone, the saltwater shower hose was set up, and deck showers were taken, leaving everyone squeaky clean. At dinner time, the crew sat down around the cockpit, chatted, and laughed over alfredo pasta and homemade rolls. Feeling stuffed, we moved on to the squeeze question of the evening: what is something guaranteed to make you laugh and put a smile on your face? As people shared their answers, it was obvious that even talking about the things that make them happy in itself makes them smile. Before moving into cleanup, everyone gave their best dinosaur impressions, and the game of pterodactyl was introduced. Smiling faces all around, we broke into cleanup and finally split back off into watch teams and the evening schedule. Hopefully, tomorrow is as smooth as today, maybe with a bit more wind. Fingers crossed!

Pictured: Seby completing his four-hour helming session, the beautiful sunrise this morning, and Eliza Drake & London in their Galapagos hammerhead shark shirts!

Current position:
7*21.26′ S
122*22.70′ W