Location: Isla Porvenir, Lemon Cays, San Blas Islands, Panama

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone here aboard Argo!!!!

The boat was positively buzzing with excitement this morning as we watched the San Blas Islands grow on the horizon, marking the end of our longest passage yet. We safely avoided the many reefs among the islands and even passed by a large wreck that had run aground on one of the shallow reefs. After watch team 1 brought us smoothly into the anchor, our crew was visited by some very friendly Kuna Yala women in hand-carved traditional canoes. They brought with them some beautiful wares and gave us an early look into the incredible culture of the people here. It looks like a scene from a movie- blue water, sandy beaches, palm trees, and sparse, colorful buildings.

The excitement of the morning is slowing down; we dutifully jumped right into boat appreciation and a PFD safety check. Secure in our assurance that we were all clean and safe, we finally were released to go swim and enjoy some free time. Everyone couldn’t wait to jump in and spend some time off the boat after five days at sea. The water was warm but refreshing, and a bunch of us enjoyed practicing tricks off Argo’s bowsprit. We spent much of the afternoon enjoying the new location.

We wrapped up the end of the day with a delicious dinner and an educational oceanography lesson on the salinity and the properties of seawater.

Pictured: Views of the San Blas Islands as we approached; PFD safety inspection; and the fun we had jumping from the bowsprit and going for a swim.

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