Location: 77 miles E/NE of San Blas

Another exciting day on Argo today, still underway to the San Blas islands. Watch rotations are going smoothly, and everyone is doing their share to make Argo run as it should. The sea state and wind have significantly died down since yesterday, and everyone is in better spirits today. Most of us got a chance to helm in the rough sea state and high winds, and now it’s like we can do anything!

We had marine biology and leadership class today after lunch. In the middle of leadership, when we were all below deck, we felt the boat slow down. This only meant one thing. We had caught a fish on the line we had running off the stern! Tim had pulled the Mahi Mahi (aka dolphin fish) on to the boat, and we all went up on deck to take a look at it before returning to class. The amazing chef team of Peter, Seby, and Tim then cooked the freshly caught Mahi for dinner, and it was delicious. During dinner, we had a wonderful surprise of a pod of dolphins swimming next to our boat and playing in the waves. It was a very nice surprise, and they hung out around Argo for a while. Tonight the squeeze question was “What is one hobby or habit you have that might be considered unusual or that most people don’t know about you?” Our answers varied from crocheting to building model airplanes to choreographing fights with lightsabers to working at a knife making shop. We have quite the group onboard!

We are getting closer to land, and we should be getting to the San Blas Islands by tomorrow morning. We are all very excited to see land again after our longest passage on this trip so far.

Tim with his fresh catch of the day;
various shots of Tim and Bryant bringing the Mahi Mahi on deck, along with the beautiful changing colors of the fish;
Ivan Alex and David B. cutting up the Mahi
Jack at the helm
Brittany at the helm on Feb.12 (yesterday)
Dishy pit disaster on feb.12 in rough seas (yesterday)

Current position: