Location: Cape Town, South Africa

On the 20th of January we went out to play,
And boy let me tell you, we had quite the day.

We awoke groggy and tired, there were many sleepy eyes,
But c’mon– we’re all teenagers– are you really surprised?

With a big bowl of oatmeal– a warm, filling food,
We set off on our adventure in high spirits and good mood.

Off we went to the Cape of Good Hope,
Which I personally think was really quite dope.

But not before making a quick little stop,
To see penguins on boulders, underneath and on top.

Penguins, high winds, and many baboons,
Were only some of the sights we saw before noon.

After the lighthouse where we saw waves smashing the ocean,
We trekked back to the bus and got back into motion.

After dinner was eaten, the crew of Argo went out,
To have a night out in Cape Town– we were excited– no doubt!

Signing off as your skipper I bid you goodnight,
Hope all at home are content– everything here is alright!