Location: Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica

Somehow someway I am finding myself writing my last blog post of my first full year working for Seamester and have been hit with a wave of sentimentality. It is absolutely mind-boggling how quickly this year went, how many amazing people I got to meet and get to know, how many beautiful places I’ve been lucky enough to see, the experiences and memories made. I appreciate this last year and cannot wait to see what adventures next year will hold.

Okay, onto our first full day here in Dominica! We woke up to a beautiful rainbow off the stern of Ocean Star, which for those that know me to know how excited I am by rainbows. It hung out all through breakfast and really began our day on a great note. We enjoyed some delish french toast prepared by our chefs Stef, Logan, and Sophie, followed by a super swift cleanup and then shuttled over to the dock for our island check-in. We were greeted at the dock by quite literally the most needlefish I have ever seen in one spot in my life. We did our little check-in and then came back to Ostar for a leadership class. Today’s class was led by Logan, who talked to the shipmates all about group dynamics, quite a fitting topic for our life on board here. After class, we had another delicious Wojcik family recipe, this time from Steffy’s sister, lentil soup! Then, as we do after every passage, the rest of the day was BA (Boat Appreciation) time. We gave the deck a nice soapy wash, changed our sheets, organized the cabinets, scrubbed ALL of the surfaces, and Hedrek and Lucia even got to clean out the grey water tank! We are all very appreciative for Ocean Star bringing us safely from St. Lucia to Dominica, and now she is appreciative of us for giving her a nice deep clean. Back by popular demand, Stef cooked her mom’s turkey wraps for dinner, and yet again, everyone loved them. Asta even cried. They were so good. Cleanup is currently rolling on around me, and afterward, we will be doing black and white cards, a timeless GXG tradition. 2021 has been an absolute pleasure. See you all again in the new year!

PS to Mama Tanja, I will be coming to Aspen for your cooking (:

Steph, out.

Picture 1: Breakfast rainbow
Picture 2: Lucia excited for our french toast
Picture 3: The chefs working hard
Picture 4: Tonight’s sunset