Location: Underway to Fiji

At the beginning of this passage, someone said that a couple of weeks into a long passage, people begin to dream about land a lot. As of today, I’m officially there. This morning I was woken up by Bella for my 8-12 watch, realizing that my dream had been about climbing a tree and discovering new types of fruits. I asked around, and Lewis also mentioned that he had a dream about frolicking in high grass, so the next time we have contact with the outside world again, remember to ask about any land, plant, fruit, or even just dirt-related dreams!

During watch, a lot of us were studying for the oceanography quiz that we had this afternoon and talked a lot about waves, tides, energy, currents, solar radiation, and more. With any question, we could look anywhere around us and see it happening in the world. I really liked something Sam said the other day. “We have a 360 view of the world around us all day every day, and that’s pretty rare”.

After an egg Mcmuffin with fries lunch, we went right into cleanup, changed time zones, and went wing on wing!! Depending on where you’re from in the world, you may call it goosewing-, but it’s a technique for running downwind in which one sail is eased all the way out on one side, and another is eased all the way out on the other side. For us, the main was eased all the way to port, and the main staysail was eased all the way to starboard. Now that everyone has a really good understanding of sail-handling jibing and other sail manoeuvers takes a lot less time than it did at the beginning of the trip. Everyone assumed a job, and we all worked effectively together. I like when the starboard side is the high side because ONE, Megatron, the dinghy that usually hangs out on that side but is now deflated and stored away, isn’t there (whereas Nopes, or Nopadone, needs to stay on the port side because it’s our search and rescue dinghy), which means there’s a lot more space! And TWO, people sleeping in the bunks on the low side sleep better!

Then there were classes. We had our quiz and also a short lecture introducing the next topics. Steph likes to add pictures of the trip to the slideshows, one at the beginning and one at the end, and it’s a great way to start and end the classes. In leadership, we did some short and fast freewrites and then watched an amazing documentary called Chasing Coral. It’s really well done and very relevant to the world today, and I think everyone should watch it. A lot of us had already watched it before the trip, and it was amazing to recognize a lot of the corals and marine life in it now that we’ve seen a lot of it in our dives.

Deck showers, as always, created some bird nests on the tops of our heads from the water pressure. Speaking of which, I’ve recently found that, if aligned with the stress knots on one’s back and neck, the water pressure will actually act as something resembling a deep-tissue de-stress massage.

During dinner, I had an amazing bow watch with Renee while the sun got closer and closer to the horizon. For squeeze, I asked everyone to recommend a book that they love or that they think is important to read. There were some really cool answers, and I’ll share them at the bottom 🙂 As I write, Izzy is doing a boat check, Niko was looking at the RAADAAARR, some people were plotting, and Tim told us that we’d leave French Polynesian waters tomorrow. We’ll officially be in the middle of nowhere again until Fiji, breaking records of the longest passage ever done by Argo and Seamester!!

Elle – Shanteram, Invisible Women
Lolo – The Choice, Becoming
Felipe (tv show) – Afterlife
Trevor – Eye of Minds
Gabe – The Wizard of Earthsea, Bone
Riley – The World is Blue
Giselle – Dune
Nat – Collecting Evolution
Gillian – Silent Spring
Tim – Thinking Fast and Slow
Steph – The Hunger Games
Nick – plans on reading Talking to Strangers
Ezra – Everything I Never Told You
Mac – Deep, A Voyage for Madmen
Izzy – When Breath Becomes Air, This Is Going to Hurt
Frankie – Crip Camp
Niko – Whatever You Do, Don’t Run
Marina – Only Love Is Real
Renee – When They Call You A Terrorist
Thea – The Body, Wild
Louis – Louis is too cool to read
Una – Small Great Things
Bella – Where the Crawdads Sing
Lewis – The Art of Zen and Motorcycle Maintenance, A Trip to the Stars
Amanda – Unbroken, The Nightingale
Sam – The House in the Sky
Elie – The Alchemist, The Wisdom of Insecurity

Current position: 1145.2557’S 14548.6824’W

Goosewing time!
Happy dishy crew