Location: Underway to St. Lucia

No, this is Patrick.
My day began today when I got woken up by Sonnet at 3:30 for my 4-8 am watch with my watch team (me, Anthony, Bennitt, Maddie, Jordan, Meghan, Shona, and Adelaide). I had bow watch for the first couple of hours with Maddie, where we searched for boats, buoys, or other obstacles. We returned to the cockpit once it became light out with the rest of our watch team. At 8:00 am watch team 1 (Hannah, Greg, Dre, Charlie, Katie, Andrea, and Smash) came to relieve us.
For lunch, we had chicken quesadillas by chefs Charlie, Will, and Meghan. After lunch, we had oceanography, where we had a quiz and our final exam review session, followed by marine biology, where we also had an exam review session. We had a study hall after class, where people were able to study until dinner.
For dinner, our chefs prepared steak, couscous, and broccoli, which everyone greatly appreciated. My squeeze question for today was “What would the first Tinder photo of the person to your left be?” which brought some funny answers. I said that Anthony would have a picture of him holding a fish. Tonight my watch team has watch from 0000-0400, and we are supposed to arrive in St. Lucia sometime tomorrow, which we are all very excited about.

Photo 1: Anthony and Dre eating dinner!!
Photo 2: Maddie and I on our watch this morning!!
Photo 3: Wax gophering!!