Location: Bequia

Today started, as usual, wake up at 7 and followed up by breakfast. This morning, Sam was head chef, and she made an absolutely delicious English breakfast: soft scrambled eggs, stewed tomatoes, sausages, bacon, baked beans, and toast. Naturally, the food was so good that there were barely any leftovers. After our first meal of the day- and our obligatory clean-up period- we headed below deck for class. First, we had oceanography; Although, today, we only had to hand in our literature review paper because Sam had to go to shore bright and early in order to provision for the next two weeks. At around 8:30, we had seamanship. That class consisted of a quiz reviewing what we had learned about using VHF radios… it was definitely a tough one. However, on a brighter note, we followed up our quiz by finishing the movie “Around Cape Horn,” narrated by Irving Johnson as well as committing several knots to memory.
After our morning classes came, the moment everybody had been waiting for, shuttles to shore! We arrived in the town of Bequia around 11:15 and immediately began looking around the shops for food and souvenirs. However, after not very long, everybody agreed that it was time for lunch. The whole group decided that the best option was the place that we had our night out; The Fig Tree Cafe. Upon arrival, we were greeted by very friendly and familiar faces. Billy- the woman who runs the cafe- recognized several of our mask-covered faces and welcomed us with a smile. Since getting to sit down for a meal that is prepared for us is such a rarity, we all thought it best that we take our time and have a very leisurely lunch. In fact, we sat at the restaurant enjoying each other’s company, good food, and complimentary wifi for almost three hours. Lunch consisted of many pizzas, platters of fish, and virgin Pia Coladas- a Fig Tree Cafe specialty. When lunch concluded, the group walked out with full bellies, intent on finding more food.
As we walked out, the group split into search parties for supermarket snacks, ice cream, and fruit smoothies. While on our way to find more delicious treats, we had the pleasure of meeting the kids on one of the sister boats: Vela. Everybody was talking and getting a sense of the differences in our respective trips. After everybody acquainted themselves, we parted ways. The Ocean Star crew finished up their shore time with a long bout of relaxation at the beach.
As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end; By 5:30, we had all returned to the boat for dinner. We were treated to a meal we had never had before on the trip: a scrumptious mushroom and broccoli risotto. It was no surprise that everybody loved the meal and ate it up. According to tradition, we ended our dinner with a circle recounting our favorite parts of the day as well as a question: if you were on death row, what would be your final meal? I said that I would eat copious amounts of fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, ice cream, cake, and fruit punch. Tonight, we have a movie night. And I am sure that afterward, we will all go to bed happy and thinking of our last day in Bequia.

1. Celia getting her hair braided by a new friend
2. Noah after a minor hiking injury
3. We definitely enjoyed Bequia
4. Lunch at the Fig Tree Cafe
5. A meal with a view
6. Steve and Tom. Enjoying each others company
7. A welcome visit
8. Island dogs
9. Celia having fun with a goat