Location: 18 00.64'S 153 58.06'W

I knew today would be a very interesting day after waking up at 2335 for watch until 0400. I then threw up five times throughout that period. Fast forward to lunchtime, still feeling queasy. I had some lunch then took over for watch from 1200 to 1400. While during that time, we took our first-ever underway shower (consisting of a saltwater hose tied up to some standing rigging), which turned out to be quite interesting as soap and water make the deck moderately slick. After showers, we ran a man overboard drill in which the “man” was, thankfully, just rope, but he still proved realistic nonetheless. Fast forward after a few hours of napping and passing the time, we had the fun prospect of catching ourselves a delicious tuna.

On the one hand, this was very exciting. However, it was also quite smelly and bloody. This led us to dinner featuring tuna sashimi, not to mention the amazingly delicious cake made for my birthday with a brownie bottom layer and a cookie top layer. I just hope it tastes as good coming out as it did going down.

-Skipper of the Day