Location: 16 42.27'S 152 08.84'W

Today we woke up to a Bora Bora sunrise, complete with the sounds of the ever-crowing roosters floating on the breeze. After a breakfast of burritos, a few creepy tortilla masks, and our marine bio and seamanship classes, we began preparing the Argo for our next passage. To further our readiness, we all drilled suiting up in our survival suits, which were, for the most part, extremely sweaty, although looking like a crew of Gumbies was fairly amusing. This evening around 16:00, we sailed out into the rain to begin our passage toward the Cook Islands. Eventually, the rain subsided, leaving us with a beautiful view of the thick blanket of stars. Keeping this update brief today due to the seasickness that a few of us are suffering from. Wish us luck with the next few days of our passage, and send your most stomach calming thoughts our way!