Location: Bourayne Bay, Huahine, French Polynesia

Today I woke up to the smell of French toast, and for a moment, I thought I was back at home. After opening my eyes and seeing a bunk within two feet of my head, I realized I wasn’t at my home in Florida but at my new home in the South Pacific. After our French toast breakfast, we started the day with a marine bio class and waited for the mysterious “Sam” to arrive. Sam was a great new addition to the Argo crew, and we can all tell he will fit right in. We then started to prep for the short passage to Huahine. This passage was much calmer than previous passages, and everyone made the trip with their stomachs intact. With a quick lunch underway, we did knot hesitate to get tied up in knot class, where we learned the most important knots and the basics of the sailboat we have been sailing the past couple of days. After knot class wrapped up and we arrived in Huahine, we had a little bit of free time, which turned into a swimming adventure. From the spot we were expertly moored, we saw a sandy beach right onshore. We swam for what seemed like 30 minutes and ended at a crab-infested deserted beach. It was very cool to have the 20 of us exploring the island together. We are really beginning to come close together as a group, which makes it much easier to laugh at a full-grown 20-year-old male scream at the top of his lungs (Garret) when a crab ventures out of his hole. We ended the day with another beautiful sunset and an amazing meal of jerked chicken.


P.S. Hi family! Miss you!!

-Sara P.