Location: Uturoa, Raiatea, French Polynesia

I was watching the sunrise on the bowsprit when a stingray launched itself out of the ocean right in front of me. We woke up to the beautiful Island of Tahaa, where we had dived the day before. Our chefs for the day prepared us breakfast polenta, and afterward, we prepped the boat to leave for Raiatea. While underway, we had our 3rd marine biology lesson today, where we learned about the different types of seaweed that we have seen along our journey. When we arrived at Raiatea, we were excited to spend the day in the 2nd largest town in Tahiti, Uturoa, where we were set loose and searched for the elusive WI-FI so that we could reconnect with the outside world. We had lunch at a small restaurant on the coast where we ate Poisson cru (raw fish in coconut), pizza, and cheeseburgers with vanilla milkshakes. After I left with my friend Griffin, we took off to climb to the highest point of the island, Tapioi Mountain. After a few detours, interactions with French-speaking locals, and a few cows later, we reached the top and witnessed the incredible lagoon northeast of the island, where we snapped a few pictures. After the hike, we returned to town and reconnected with the rest of the crew to buy snacks at a local convenience store and explored the town some more. We returned to the boat at 4:30, where we took our daily jump-in showers and prepared for dinner. A picturesque sunset ended this incredible day down here in the middle of the Pacific.


P.S. Hi family, having a fantastic time here down in the islands, missing you all.

-Michael L.