Location: Underway to the Marquesas

Today is the 18th day of passage. With our current estimation, we will be arriving into the Marquesas islands tomorrow afternoon. This is exciting news for the entire crew as we are all very looking forward to land. Because we are motor sailing right now and we do not have the mainsail raised, we can use the affectionately named “mini tarp” over the cockpit during the day. It provides us with a welcome sliver of shade out here in the great wide expanse of ocean and sunshine. Though we love the rays, the deck gets blistering hot in the afternoons, and we all huddle together in the blissfully cool shade.

A couple of things happened today. First, my watch team, watch team 3, performed a small boat appreciation during our morning watch by busting rust on deck and cleaning the tool boxes and the fire hose box. Meg and her chef team, Tim and Amanda, delivered us an amazing lunch consisting of freshly baked bread and flavorful Thai pumpkin soup. Today we also changed our time one hour back to accommodate for the time zone changes. This gave us one extra hour of free time in the afternoon which we all appreciated. Also, with the help of Meg, Bryant and Tim both got great haircuts. They look dashing now. Lastly, my squeeze question of the day was, “What did your parents pack for your school lunch?”

Interestingly, the answers varied greatly. While some of us had pizza or PB&J sandwiches for all their school days, others had the pleasure of enjoying full freshly cooked warm meals in school. Each squeeze is extra special now because we are going through our last rotation on the job wheel. So each day the skipper of the day is doing that particular task for the last time during this trip.

First: Kai and Bianca goofing off in the cockpit
Second: London, Amanda, Jack, Ian and Meg in line for lunch
Third: Bryant with a beautiful sunset backdrop

Current position:
13801. 03’W