Location: Underway to the Marquesas

Watch team three had the midnight to 4 am watch early this morning. At the beginning of the passage, our watch team each made a few individual goals we wanted to achieve by the end of the 21 days, and then the group made a pact to exercise for at least 10 minutes every time we had a four-hour watch. We have slowly been slacking off on our workouts, but this morning’s exercise was replaced solely with a wide variety of unhealthy snacks to get us through our shift!

This afternoon we had our 4th quiz in Amanda’s Oceanography class, followed by working through some pretty intense mathematical problems for our upcoming Nav Master exam in Seamanship. After class was shower time. The sheer power of the ocean water shower hose never fails to take me by surprise. Unless your bathing suit is secured very tightly and held into place (which we forget to do nearly every time), it nearly comes straight off with the force of the hose. Then it is a mad, panicked (and super embarrassing) scramble to try to reattach whatever clothing was whipped off by the shower hose!

With only three weeks left of the program, and time flying by so quickly, I steered the Squeeze in a direction to encourage everyone to open up and allow themselves to be vulnerable in front of the group. I asked the group to talk about a significant challenge they had to overcome and how that experience has helped them to grow or what they have learned from it. Although this question brought up some deep things and was very emotional for a lot of people, I felt so grateful that everyone felt safe enough to allow themselves to be vulnerable in the group and share some truly difficult and life-shaping experiences. To end Squeeze, I asked that everyone stand up and go over to someone whose story they could connect with and give that person a hug. However, it seemed as though everyone hugged everyone. The Squeeze question was such a valuable bonding experience for the group, and the proceeding hugs lasted a very long time. This experience has definitely brought us closer together, and I hope that meaningful bonds and friendships continue to form over the remaining few weeks of the trip.

Making some really great life-long friendships onboard was one of the main reasons that drove me to come on Sea|mester. Friendships have definitely been made throughout the trip. However, they sometimes appear to be very easy, surface-level connections. The most valuable friendships for me are the strong bonds you make with people when all parties involved allow themselves to be vulnerable, to open up, and share deeply personal things about their lives. I feel that tonight’s Squeeze question was a fantastic way to facilitate those deeper and more meaningful connections that ultimately form more true, life-long friendships.

Pictured: Meg after fixing the “Argo” name on the life ring; Eliza, Bianca, and Sophie goofing around on deck; one of our last passage sunsets.

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