Location: Virgin Gorda, BVI

WHAT A DAY!!! After our third and final 🙁 Overnight passage, we made it to Virgin Gorda. Thanks, watch team #2 (Ash, Stallion, Kas, Ray, Hannah, Peyton, and Dessie), for anchoring the boat all on their own and letting the rest of the crew get a few more hours of sleep. Everyone was ready for a yummy taco lunch at noon, a classic boat meal. (Even though Peyton chose to serve unseasoned meat, all was well because the vegetarians shared their black beans) After cleanup, it was time to let our beautiful boat get some sleep too! The individuals not working on dive certs worked very hard to put the boat to bed and make sure that everything was flaked and organized nicely. If you are wondering what I was doing during this, it was swimming 16 timed laps around the boat… with a broken foot, but hey, at least I got out of the boat to bed. The rescue divers practiced some more skills, and some (aka Lauren aka cool blaze) had to wrap her hand in a trash bag to try to save her menacing rope burn from the salt water. Ultimately, she was unsuccessful… but it was worth a shot! Some of the boys also went on a quick dive to gather some data for our research projects due in two days. A little late to the game for sure, but I’m sure they will pull it all together nicely.

Next on the agenda was a much-awaited BOOM SWING!!! Ever since Ray, AJ, and I attempted to build a rope swing off the bow sprit, which Ari promptly broke, I have been eager to attempt the boom swing. Many individuals attempted rope swing backflips, pretty sick, and some rope swing showers, arguably the coolest shower I have ever taken (check the photos for proof that we do indeed bathe ourselves). After one of our fearless leaders, Samantha surfaced from her dive, we convinced her to also attempt the backflip. She warned us that she has not been super successful with the art of rope-swinging in the past, but we convinced her that it was worth a shot, and the worst case scenario is she fails tremendously, and we get some good blog content. In case you are wondering, Sam did, in fact, manage to achieve an upside-down position, followed by a head-first fall into the water below: a good first attempt to say the least.

After we had our fill of boom swinging for the evening, it was time for dinner. I hear that the kitchen was competitive tonight, with something dubbed “soup wars” emerging in the galley. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our soup dinner and proceeded to squeeze. Unfortunately, we had to postpone our much-awaited boat prom/toga rave until tomorrow night as we have our two-hour-long nav master exams tomorrow. We decided it was best to study tonight instead. Good thing we postponed because following my squeeze question of “What do you like most about yourself” a squall was upon us! We quickly managed to get the provisions into the saloon with minimal injuries, as it was raining cats and dogs. Unfortunately, some premium corn (aka creamed corn) was thrown onto Sam’s legs! Oops, sorry, Sam. Hope you forgive me because I taught you how to backflip off the boom swing. That’s all for now. Wish your favorite crew luck on our nav master exams tomorrow, and stay posted for some banging boat prom content!

Out, Maris M