Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Another day, another adventure aboard S/Y Ocean Star. We started our day with a fantastic breakfast of pancakes, courtesy of Carolyn. You could tell everyone was excited about that meal with “mmmmm”s filling the air. After breakfast, the crew broke up into groups: some went for training dives, others visited a nearby wreck, and some stayed onboard to study, swim, and spend time together. Friendships have continued to grow throughout the crew, and excitement for the adventure to come to everyone’s minds. After the whole crew regrouped on deck, we had a lunch of shredded BBQ chicken wraps before raising anchor and heading off for Leverick Bay. Today’s journey was a little longer because we sailed the whole way there. At the start of the sail, we did a man overboard drill with a flag attached to a float. Allie was the spotter and kept her eyes on our “man overboard” the entire time. We tacked our way back to our floating, orange crewmate, and Ian bravely rescued him from the water. After the rescue, we continued on our way. Making slow but steady progress towards our goal, we practiced our skills on the ship.

Even in just this little time, we have noticed ourselves starting to pick up the flow under sail. After about 4 hours of sailing, we made it to Leverick Bay and docked at the marina. When we landed, a delicious meal of Tex-Mex style roasted vegetables and soft taco fixings came up from below deck. After stuffing ourselves, we finished dinner with everyone talking about their favorite musicians. Once clean-up was finished, we went below deck to learn about marine biology (“best part of the day!”- Steve). And that concludes Day 7 aboard the Ocean Star. More adventures await us in the morning.