Location: Bonaire

Today was another one of those great days, we split the crew half and half again, those who were diving yesterday had windsurfing lessons today, and vice versa. It started out a much more windy day than yesterday, and not long after our arrival to Jibe City, sails and crew members were flying through the air. Some of the crew deemed Jibe City their new home in the near future and were sad to say goodbye. After diner tonight, those who want to are going to once again embark on a night dive. If it is anything like it was last night, then there will be lots of fun to be had, and much more to see then you would imagine. Once under the water, anything that moves is light up by the bioluminescence, which was amazingly abundant last night. The night dives always seem to be accompanied by lots of laughs, as well as amazement. We seemed to acquire a new friend, in a 3-4 foot long Tarpin who went through most of our dive with us, coming to a lot closer then we all expected it to. We even managed to see it feed on a couple of smaller fish, which was quite a sight to see!! This evening, everyone enjoys the luxuries of having solid ground right next to us, such as toilets that flush themselves, freshwater showers, and of course, Wi-Fi!! Also, one of the favorites is a gelato shop just in town, a short walk away, which will probably be visited at least a few more times before the day is over!!!