Location: Bonaire

Early morning laundry was on the agenda for some of the crew of Argo as everyone else awoke just a bit before 7:30 for a warm breakfast of chocolate chip and banana pancakes! Today was going to be one of those great days. Half of the crew was headed off to a location called Jibe City to do a windsurfing lesson, while the other half did four dives !! I was with the half at Jibe City, which is a great bay that is only waist deep and the perfect spot for beginners as well as the seasoned veterans that would come screaming up and down the beach, literally flying, or so it seemed! We had two great instructors teach us the basics of windsurfing, and then we went out into the water to put what we learned into practice. At first, there were a few shaky legs as they tried to pull up the sail for the first time, but within the hour, they were zooming back and forth, tacking, jibing, and even switching to a bigger sail! We then went and enjoyed a great lunch at a beach bar, which served the most amazing crab salad I’ve ever had! The last two hours consisted of playing in the water and the sand and lying on their extremely comfortable chairs. Afterward, we headed back to Argo so everyone could shower before dinnertime! The divers went and did three great dives along the coast of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, the little island just across the channel. This evening they will be doing a night dive just near the boat, where hopefully, they will see lobsters, eels, and maybe an octopus! And, of course, we all need to go and get gelato for dessert!! All have had another seriously great day on Argo.