Location: Underway to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

Another great day of passage as we continue to head westwards across the Indian Ocean. The swells have subsided a little today, and the wind remains fresh as we surf and cruise the waves averaging 8-8.5 kts. Everyone is getting good at downwind steering as we follow the trade winds towards Mauritius. Today’s classes were OCB and MTE. In Marine Biology, we concluded our classes on invertebrate taxonomy and looked at some shells I had collected. Everyone was also issued with a map of Asia to annotate with interesting oceanographical features of our voyage and add to their logbook. Everyone’s logbooks are coming along nicely as they sketch and describe some of their favorite marine organisms. Following classes, we had shower time on deck and then an early dinner to allow clean-up before the sunsets. It’s now 7:30 pm and Watch Team 2 has the deck. It is my turn to tell the watch story tonight about something beginning with “X.” A tricky one, “(e)Xhibition” – I’ll tell them about my trip to the Edinburgh Festival with the “Harston Harmonites” steel band when I was younger!