Location: Underway to Galapagos

Another day of sailing for the crew of Argo. We spent our first full day underway on this passage, fortunate enough to have very smooth seas with minimal sea state. The very smooth sea allowed us to get lots of things done around the boat. On the watch this morning, the crew got to give the boat a nice cleaning, ensuring that no dirt and grime remained from our passage through Panama. Once we had finished scrubbing the deck as much as possible, we had a fabulous lunch of spring rolls made by our chef team, and we got straight into classes. Our classes today were leadership and marine biology. In leadership, we spent our time learning about ourselves and our personality traits, and the personality traits of others. In Marine Bio, we got to learn all about multiple classes of sea creatures, including but not limited to nudibranchs, mollusks, and cnidarians. We even accidentally caught a jellyfish when we were filling up our dishwater this evening (we gently lowered him back into the water afterward). We got to enjoy another lovely meal for dinner, and then we got to appreciate a cake that the chef team worked very hard to make (it was a scale model of the Galapagos). Once everyone had their fill, we all finished the cleanup and got straight into our evening watch schedules. The crew of Argo can’t wait to reach the Galapagos!

Current Position: 5*53.61’N, 81* 19.73’W

Pictured: Chef team Jenna, Jack, and Amy showing off their baking skills. Ian diligently helming the ship while everybody was enjoying their dinner.