Location: Underway to the Galapagos

This morning started early for the Argo crew who woke up to send off our shipmate David. His presence aboard Argo will be greatly missed, and we hope he receives the care he needs for his injured foot. Later on in the morning, a delicious breakfast of egg sandwiches was had thanks to chefs Ian, Steph, and Alexa. It was our last calm and peaceful breakfast as a group before the embarkment on our first passage in the Pacific. Immediately following breakfast and cleanup, students hastily prepped Argo for passage. There has been an incredible difference between our first passage preparation in January to now. Students easily cut the amount of time in half and worked confidently to prepare Argo for six days underway without having to ask how to ratchet dinghies, secure chain lockers, or run jacklines.

Argo was now ready to go to the Galapagos. We cast off from Panama City and set sail. Although the wind was lacking, we had a beautiful day motor sailing in glassy water as flat as a pancake. Students were gifted with a few minutes to study preceding lunch. Throughout lunch, a large pod of dolphins raced alongside Argo and jumped and played in the wake. Multiple dolphin pods and hammerhead sharks were spotted during the day. As spottings of fauna were shouted down the companionways, students would eagerly throw on PFDs and race onto the deck to catch a glimpse (even in the middle of the Oceanography midterm). After the midterm and a Leadership class, new watch teams were assembled to go over emergency procedures. This was followed by some much needed cold water showers and a hot dinner. The Argo crew happily chatted about spirit animals as the sun set over the smooth Pacific Ocean.

London, David, Ian, and Peter hoisted Tim up the foremast, Dolphins swimming alongside Argo, Bianca helming during sunset.

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