Location: Ahe Atoll, Tuamotus, French Polynesia

As no day is alike here on Argo, the rescue divers and a number of other volunteers from the crew started their day out with a diving scenario in which Kris, the panicked diver at the surface, couldn’t find his unconscious dive buddy, Faloon. Quickly the group of students took charge of the situation, even though Kris several times tried to scrabble away and search for his own buddy. Once Faloon was on deck and ‘revived,’ it was time for a hearty breakfast of French toast and this bizarre but delicious watermelon/cantaloupe crossbreed. The majority of the morning was spent doing fun dives or preparing for the exams that are coming up over the next few days. In the afternoon, most of the crew headed ashore to explore the paradise of the Tuamotus. Back on board, an impromptu How To Presentation took place, where backflips were taught, practiced, and perfected off the bowsprit. Patino even held a more formal lesson in the saloon following dinner, with the promise to practice the newly learned technique upon arrival in Moorea.