Location: Underway to Moorea

It was a bittersweet symphony of emotions today as the crew prepared for our last major passage. A noisy awakening by means of a fire drill bell caused widespread confusion, especially to this sleepy skipper who didn’t realize he had forgotten to do crew wake-ups. A strange start to a normal day was followed by delicious almonds, sugar, and chocolate pancakes prepared fresh by our professional chefs, Derek, Katie, and Ford. The day continued, and after what many are calling the final rescue diver scenario (a hunt for a missing set of dive gear including a tank), willing students took their Navigation exam. The rest of the crew conducted a thorough passage prep. Many were saddened by the fact that after these 275 miles to Moorea, they will not see Argo in sailing mode again. However, we did manage to get all the sails up, including the rare flying jib, making Argo an impressive display of wind power. Settling into passage life is now a reflex reaction for the crew, and conducting boat checks and performing other watch team duties seemed routine, signifying the amount of comfort and knowledge gained of sailing in the past 80 days.

Looking forward to arriving in yet another paradise, even if it means nearing the end of this amazing trip. The world’s most handsome and elegant skipper, signing off.