Location: Underway to Moorea

This morning Ashley and I woke up around 8, just when watch teams two and three were switching. Our plan was cereal (you can only get cereal between certain hours of the morning), then we were going to go back to sleep. We went to the galley and filled our bowls, then headed up the companionway to eat on deck. As soon as we poked our heads out, it was chaos! Both watch teams were going a million miles an hour, changing sails around, it was pouring rain, and the wind was pretty strong, taking with it half our cereal. Immediately the two of us were asked to help set the jib and move the running backstays around, and other odd jobs. Needless to say, by the end of it, we had some cereal with salt water and were completely soaked! It was an eventful start to the day; we definitely had some good laughs. Since we were wide awake then, we studied a bit for our last marine biology exam, then got tired again and went back to sleep until lunch at noon. Nathan provided us with a great lunch, and then we took our exam. Following the exam was an OCE exam review lecture. Since this was our last real passage of the trip, we overlooked the rain and enjoyed our last few hours of helming boat checks and bow watch. I am going to miss midnight watches. It’s hard to believe that this adventure is nearly over. We’re all looking forward to our time in Moorea. By Monday, we will be finished with all exams and presentations and will be able to enjoy our last couple of days together, just exploring and having fun. I’m getting so so excited to see you, Mom, Dad, Ali, and Kirstie!!!! I love and miss you! The skipper of the day, Jen Montgomery