Location: Between Bonaire and Curacao

Hello or hej, as we say in Swedish! Today, when I woke up at around 6:45, I found Sandra and Jack snorkeling in the ocean on the reef next to us. It has been such a privilege to be docked next to a beach and a beautiful reef that we can snorkel and dive on whenever! Then, while I was drinking my morning coffee, I saw Filipe coming back from his morning run. He had run TEN kilometers!!! Very impressing. Then we had breakfast made by head chef Molly, and after that, we drove to the airport to clear customs. It was fun, except that almost everybody bought the same hat as me (I bought mine when we cleared in)… Coming back to the boat, we did passage prep. It was a lot to do. It took us about 5 hours. But since I was a skipper, I just had to delegate the tasks instead of actually doing them myself 🙂 Actually, I did some of the tasks, but only the easiest ones! Then we cast our lines, said goodbye to Bonaire, and got ready for a five-day passage to San Blas, Panama. Four of the sails are up, the wind is not very strong (15 kn east), the sea state is smooth, and we are all pretty tired, but still, everyone is in a good mood, and we have had a lot of good laughs. Now I am going to bed because I have to wake up at 04:00 for my next watch! Thank you for reading!

For my family: Jag saknar och alskar er sa mycket. Ar sa tacksam for den har upplevelsen! Jag lever mitt allra basta liv, hade inte velat vara nagon annan stans an just har. Puss puss