Location: Sardegna's North Coast

Today like most of the other days aboard this beautiful vessel, was absolutely epic. An early rise for breakfast in one of the most beautiful locations in all the Mediterranean, here on a northern bay of Sardinia. The day was planned to the T first we had the Argo Olympics which were quite a good time. We had running and diving and swimming, and even hung from the bow spirit for as long as we could, all while holding onto an egg, which was the tricky part. Lunch, which was quite a good gumbo. After lunch we had time to set up the boom swing while some others including myself instead decided to clean one of the grey water holding tanks, which have quite a pungent odor to say the least. Those who were working on the grey water tanks had a very welcomed swim afterwards to clean off. Dinner was a long day in the making. We had chicken marinating in BBQ sauce and spices since around breakfast, and at lunch we decided that we were going to braise the chicken in order to make pulled chicken sandwiches. After a full day of cooking in broth the chicken became so tender that we barely had to shred it. After the shredding it went right back in the over to moisten with some sauce and some water. It was one of the first times I have ever braised chicken but it turned out fantastically. Dinner was a hit and it was accompanied by a wonderful sun brewed tea. In all today was a fantastic day and a great ending to a fantastic summer. Just as we began to depart on our last passage back to Rome, we were struck with a jolt of luck and caught the Maltese Falcon, the largest privately owned sailing yacht in the world, setting sail, with the moon over head and the sun moments from setting, a scene that cannot be replicated in any way.