Location: Sardegna's North Coast

After an intense and bizarre night, we’ve had a relatively relaxed day today. We returned to our dock in Bonifacio yesterday evening to a couple of angry Corsican captains complaining about our position on the dock. Between a few language barriers, we were able to gather that our anchor chain was tangled up with the chain of the boat to our starboard side. Argo first-mate Mr. Sam Butler-Hogg took a late night dive into the narrow channel to unhook the chains, as Captain Sean Blaise performed some tight maneuvering both out and back onto the dock. Eventually, members of at least four different vessels got involved (some more helpful than others) in the Argos resetting. Between the lights and the boat-to-boat chatter, it became quite the spectacle. By the time Argo was finally anchored and peacefully parked back at the dock, wed acquired a crowd of at least fifty people at the dock who welcomed us with a tremendous round of applause. Quite a strange night We left Bonifacio in the morning, our final farewell to France, and set out for a mild hour long sail across the Bonifacio Strait to Sardegna. We anchored in a small inlet past a series of islands and have been enjoying a quiet, relaxing afternoon. Apparently there’s also a carrot cake in the oven, which should be a well-deserved treat for the entire crew.