Location: Pearns Bay, Antigua

Today was another magical day aboard Vela. The day began with a wake-up song and bagels for breakfast! Then the 14 of us who did not have their PADI certification spent the day working on skills and started their confined training dives. They enjoyed taking their first breaths underwater and gaining a new appreciation for the underwater world. While they worked on that, certified divers had the morning off. We enjoyed relaxing and soaking up the sun. We jammed out to music while resting on the martingale. We couldn’t resist jumping into the beautiful teal water. After a late lunch and cleanup, we got an intro to our courses and got even more excited for the days to come. Then we were given some free time before dinner. Many of us took jump-in ocean showers (jump in, suds up, on deck, rinse in the ocean, and rinse off with the freshwater hose). A gorgeous rainbow came out for us and enclosed Vela (see photos below!). Then, we enjoyed a pasta dinner before our nightly squeeze. I challenged everyone to share their proudest moment (inspired by a question my mom asks her students), and we all learned a lot about each other. Cheers to another great day in Antigua!

To my mama, siblings, grandma, and papa: I love you and miss you all, don’t worry about me, im having a great time!