Location: Underway to the Marquesas

It’s day eight of our passage to the Marquesas, and everyone seems to be settling into the routine of passage life well. Waking up for 12-4 AM watch is not as difficult, and everyone seems to be less tired. After lunch today, those of us in the Emergency First Responder class took our test to get certified. After that, we watched a Life video in OCB and got to see my least favorite animal, the flying fish, in slow motion. It was cool to learn about how they glide over the water, but the video neglected to point out how they often decide to jump on to ships and smack people unexpectedly in the face (yes, this actually happens). After OCB, we continued our practice of charting in MTE class with Kris. Overall, it was another sunny and clear day. Tomorrow we reach the point in the world farthest away from any land, AKA, the Middle of Nowhere!