Location: Bonaire

Like every morning, today started at 7:00 or 7:29 for those of us residing in the port six-man cabin. We had a thrilling breakfast of granola before getting to our fascinating daily jobs. Nothing like scrubbing the decks and washing dishes to start off the day. Then we finished waking up before those of us in the second seamanship group worked on plotting positions on an old chart of Chesapeake Bay. Meanwhile, the group of Katie, Andrea, and Greg headed out to dive with Leoni while Val, Colm, and Charlie went down with Calum. Congratulations to Chuck for finally managing to scrape out a passing grade on his fish ID dive. Those of us on board enjoyed a peaceful lunch of burritos before the divers returned, and the usual pandemonium ensued. We learned all about marine mammals and the questionable traits of sea otters in marine biology before the academic weapons known as Dre and Ethan crushed their oceanography presentations. Afterward, many ventured into town searching for ice cream and laundry. Nothing like struggling to carry heavy bags for miles under the scorching sun just to see Jordan cruise past on his electric bike. When we first arrived on this boat, we never could have fathomed just how many snacks people can fit in our seemingly minuscule bunks. Dre, Max, and I headed out to play some soccer on the pier and only managed to lose it in the water four times. We might look into finding a spot that wouldn’t require such a wet retrieval next time, although it’ll be tough to find a better view. Then we all enjoyed a dinner of burgers as the sun dipped below the horizonsolid meal lineup from head chef Hannah today. After dinner, the dive group of Greg, Katie, Anthony, Jordan, and Katelyn ventured into the darkness for a night dive with Smash. Meanwhile, Colm, Max, Mackenzie, Val, Andrea, and I enjoyed watching turtles and poking tarpon on a quick night snorkel before the skipper of the day had to get the blog done before the next day began. We all look forward to a great night of rest as we definitely finished our lionfish essays ages ago. It was another solid day down here in the Caribbean Netherlands. I certainly can’t complain. And there’s a new set of downs tomorrow. First and ten.

Figure 1. A graceful belly flop from Dre on his way to retrieve a soccer ball
Figure 2. A building in a town of no significance whatsoever
Figure 3. Charlie, Colm, Val, Calum, and Tom return from a dive
Figure 4. Doubt there are many KLM offices that look like this
Figure 5. Jordan oversees the stragglers from the burger line stampede