Location: Bonaire

Loyal blog-readers gather round!

Today was another beautiful and eventful day in Bonaire. It began with the fluffiest and blueberriest of pancakes this morning – courtesy of Mermaid in Chief Gregory and Sous-Mermaids Maddie and Shona. We have them to thank for the proper sustenance for our deep dives.

After breakfast, we had a special Leadership class led by Anthony. Each of us picked another crew member’s name out of a hat last night and were tasked with choosing a song we thought best described them. Today we started our new crew playlist, and may I just say – bangers.

Then was time for our first deep dive! Myself, Anthony, and Katelyn suited up and headed out with Smash as our leader and Adelaide manning the dinghy. Boy, did 100 feet come quick! I thought we were barely halfway down when Tony nudged me to check my depth gauge. The dive sites here in Bonaire are the most striking I’ve ever seen. Sheer cliff-faces going hundreds of feet down with corals and life covering every inch – not to mention the visibility spans hundreds of feet in every direction. (Watch Finding Nemo for nearest reference)

After Lunch, two more dive groups hit the waves – Adelaide led Charlie and Katelyn in a buoyancy skills dive (get that advanced water PADI cert!) while Leoni led Greg, Max, and Jordan on their deep dive. Then Shona led Dre, Anthony, and myself back out for a fun dive out at a site on the other side of Klein Bonaire that runs parallel to our Marina.

When we arrived back at Vela, the shore was astir with activity – two of our lovely crewmates, Valentina and Mackenzie, had decided to take the leap and shave their heads! (Shoutout to the ultimate buzzcut inspiration Overlord Smash and to Captain Tom and Leoni for aiding in the chopping process) They look badass, and judging from the post-shave frolicking, they feel like it as well.

That’s all for now! The night dive is arriving back home as I write – apparently, turtles have been seen!

Image 1: Barber Tom and mid-buzz Mack
Image 2: Barberess Leoni and Val
Image 3: Close up of the haircut joy
Image 4: Dre and Val or Val and Dre .. who’s to say!
Image 5: Badass buzzed boat-women
Image 6: Andrea and Dre preparing for a night dive
Image 7: Bosun Meghan and Deckie Ethan hard at work
Image 8: Seeing Double! (and forlorn Colm)
Image 9: Unstoppable Mermaid Chef Team
Image 10: Beautiful Dryers Maddie and Charlie