Location: Bonaire

Good morrow chaps and chapettes,

Today we have another rousing tale from the delightful crew of VELA. As the sun rose on another delightful day, the skipper decided to try a kinder approach to awaking the crew and, instead of using loud, unsightly music, decided to tap lightly on each occupants’ bed and say their name softly until they arose. This turned out to be a smashing success as all of the crew awoke promptly and got ready for the new day. A myriad of news, both worrying, greeted them after each had sounded off their assigned digit. As it turned out, the overseeing crew had granted them a final day to roam the land and town. This was, however, after they were subjected to another round of COVID TESTS!!! Hurrying through the pastries that had been procured the day before by the head chef, each went about their jobs and prepared for what was to come. Unlike previous plague screenings, however, the medical practitioners in attendance decided to not stick the undignified swab down their nasal passages but instead down their throats. This turned out to be a relief to some and a nuisance to others, but it was but with that out of the way, they were free to wander around town at last.

From here, the story proceeds in a rather linear fashion, for most of them going out to buy various items and explore the island that had been their respite for the past week. Upon each of their returns, a new story unfolded about new shops, last scoops of ice cream, and one particularly interesting tale of a man’s harrowing battle with a cockroach that ended in injury as the afternoon proceeded forth with no need to prepare for lunch since all those who had departed to the shore decided to get lunch at varying venues within the town. The remainder of the evening found the wanderers occupied in various activities from academics, underwater exploration, and much-needed moments of silent reflection, as well as the packing of provisions away for their next long journey.

Now, after the events of the day, they settle down to some relaxation and movie watching, thus concluding the day’s adventures. JOIN US TOMORROW AS WE CONTINUE TO FOLLOW THE CREW OF VELA IN THEIR NEXT ITERATION OF “THE SKIPPER’S LOGS!”

Photo 1- A contagious smile
Photo 2- Tasty apple
Photo 3- Future man cutting ONION
Photo 4- Close up
Photo 5- Melon Head
Photo 6- Looking out
Photo 7- Company
Photo 8- BOSS