Location: Underway to Saba

Hi all,

Skipper Greg back here again! Day one of passage! Wahoo!

I think this might be my last day as skipper…or maybe not. Who knows! But I wrote something today I thought I would share with everyone reading these blogs. (Are people reading these blogs?) Enjoy!!! Xoxoxo


I hear the waves hit the side of the boat as I try to focus on my breathing to fall asleep. Charlie puts his guitar back on the empty bunk next to his. He’s done for the day. Dre is passed out in his bunk. Not even the horn could disturb him. I close my eyes.

I wake up to the sound of Tony blaring his “bruh” music in the salon. Smash tries to scream to Adelaide to “WATCH OUT” as hot potatoes fly across the galley floor. Katie braids Maddie’s hair like nothing is wrong, and Jordan falls asleep on the salon bench next to them. Is this real? I keep asking myself. Am I really out at sea, or will I wake up any second to my dog licking my face?

I walk up to the deck to find Colm and Will jumping up and down as they pull in the catch of the day. Katelyn looks away in disgust, and Leoni begins to plan how we’re going to cook it. “Do we have enough butter?” She thinks to herself.

Calum is standing next to the helm, looking out as waves pass us by. Andrea, who’s at the helm, tries to find some sort of cloud or something in the sky to make sure we’re on course. “I think I got it!” She yells.

I go downstairs to do my usual routine of waking up Mack. She tries to pretend she’s still asleep, and I see her middle finger rise towards me. I get the message and walk back to the galley.

I find Hannah adding hot sauce to her sweet potatoes and Max cutting more onions. “Try it this way,” Shona says as she steals the knife and begins to chop the onions herself. Badass.

Our captain walks in the door. I think about the first time I met Tom, thinking of all the ways I was supposed to impress him. I now show him my newest nail color I painted on. “It’s purple, but in the sun, it changes to pink!” He shows me hishot pink. I get jealous.

I turn to see Bennitt coming through the water-tight door, confused if either yesterday has turned into today or not. Megan makes yet another cup of coffee, and Val tells me lunch might be a little late today.

The bunks of our past shipmates are empty now, and soon ours will be too.

How will we be when we return? How will we be when our mom and dad pick us up at the airport and say, “We missed you.” How will we react when we put our fins away for the last time? What will happen when we trim the sails the final time and return home? What will happen when Smash finally takes down the ensign?

But for now –

I’ll keep putting on my crocs and my PFD, and I’ll wake up at 4 am to feel 30 knots of wind on my face and to see a sea of stars.

But for now –

I’ll keep sailing.