Location: Bonaire/Underway to San Blas Islands

Another lovely day on Argo today. The morning started with some top notch cooking from our chef team for the day led by Eliza. After our banana bread, it was time for the leadership class. As a group, we ran through some discussion questions that certainly elicited some interesting conversations about what we value in a good leader and some examples we all have in our lives. Then it was time for passage prep. The crew ran through the checklist, inspecting steering gear, coiling and capsizing lines, and all the rest of it until Argo was ready to get off the dock. We made our way out of the marina, and then raised sails all together so we could turn off the engine and point our way to the San Blas Islands using only wind. Eliza and her chef team pulled out another winner with their pesto pasta dinner and the crew prepared for the evening as some moderate wind and swell are expected this evening.

Pictured: Views of our dinner sunset on Argo and Argo’s rigging with beautiful clouds above.

Current position: