Location: Fort de France, Martinique

Today was a good day. This morning we set sail immediately after a breakfast of porridge. Sailing out of Rodney Bay, we were expecting the wind to freshen and the seas to pick up, and although we did have a well-formed groundswell, the winds stayed at a nice 20kts. We had an extremely comfortable sail over the 25nm or so between St Lucia and Martinique. During the voyage, our sail plan was such that we could lash the wheel and steer by trimming the sails, a unique and extremely educational experience. One the way into Grand Anse d’Artlet, we decided as a crew that we would prefer to anchor in Fort de France and have a few hours of shore time, so we continued for five more nautical miles and into the large bay of Fort de France where we doused the sails, cleared in and went ashore for a few hours. This evening’s dinner was incredible; roast chicken with butternut squash and salad, which went down a treat, and this evening’s entertainment, will be a Marine Biology lecture which our party starter Kirsty will lead.