Location: Tahiti, Society Islands, French Polynesia

Last night we enjoyed the first full night of sleep since Panama… 5 weeks ago. Normally we are up at weird hours for watch underway or while at anchor, but last night, not a soul was woken. A testament to how rested we were was when I walked into a salon at 6:45 am, before I did wake-ups, to be met by a half-full room of already roused shipmates. Such youth and vigor were not wasted today, as we set to work giving Argo the old-fashioned thorough scrub down before we depart. Today we sent members of the crew to places that rival only the Mariana Trench for depth, darkness, and wetness. Introducing… the bilges. These cramped abysses lie under the very floors we walk. Not many have ventured down there (as we saw from all the questionable matter that migrated down there over the years). A team of brave souls, armed with half-worn sponges and mediocre flexibility, set out to remove all the dirt and fun mystery bits and pieces that they possibly could. We sent eight shipmates down and managed to bring back 7, which was quite a success rate. We think that David D. is still down there, battling it out with an army of stray toenail clippings. He has our best wishes for success.

Below deck, at midships, the salon looked as though it would cause any self-proclaimed “person who likes to organize for fun” to flee for their lives. Stacks of cans, bottles, and bags of dry goods were on the benches and tables, waiting to be inventoried. Simultaneously, the dirt and dust in every nook and cranny were getting banished to the moist depths of various sponges. On deck, we scrubbed every locker which held damp-smelling lines and tackles. Today we garnered a sweet, sweet victory on all the bacteria, algae, and sludge within this 112ft floating home of ours, returning it (almost) back its’s glory from day 1.

Tomorrow, when we finish up the detail work on the hull and deck, we will get to bask in the glory of our work, making Argo look like the fine vessel she is. This has been some good ol’ character-building manual labor for us all. To all the parents out there, when your child gets home, they’ve all offered to do a similar deep clean on your house (everyone wanted me to let you know). Though it has yet to feel like it is the end, everyone is making the most of the last couple of days together.

From the Bloginator (the program we write these blogs on is actually called the Bloginator)
– Jack

Pictured: Two views from up the rig (David D and Alex got to go aloft to remove chafe gear from our crossing); Peter, Amy, and Brittany deep in the bilges; sunset after a long day’s work of boat appreciation.