Location: Puna'auia, Tahiti

Waking up to a beautiful and lush green island around us has been my favorite part of our time in Moorea, and this morning’s sunrise is coming over the hills and lighting up Opunohu Bay was the cherry on top to our last few hours before heading to Tahiti. We were treated to a delicious crumb cake, and yogurt for breakfast, after which everyone worked double-time to complete passage prep so we could get anchors up as soon as possible. Sails were raised as we brought up the anchor, and the crew gathered in the cockpit to start our last passage. During our usual count off to make sure we didn’t forget anyone, we made sure to work in a surprise singing of happy birthday to Jenna!

As we began our departure from Mo’orea, we sourced a speaker and began playing the Moana soundtrack; wherever you looked, there were smiles, singing, and goofy dance moves to happen. It was a lovely sunny sail over to Tahiti, during which the last of the requirements for everyone to pass their EFR and Rescue course occurred: responding to Amy and Tim going into cardiac arrest, being stung by jellies, and having serious bleeding (among other issues). I’m glad to say they all passed with flying colors, meeting every new problem with a quick and thorough response!

As we approached Tahiti, we began to prep to go on the dock. Lines were pulled out, fenders inflated, and teams assigned to various jobs that would need to happen as we arrived at our spot in Marina Taina. Because we were set to go stern-to, we first dropped an anchor then backed in towards the dock. Safely tied up, we put the boat away, so she looked tidy, and everyone had a chance to run around for a couple of hours before dinner. This evening was unique in that it was a specially ordered dinner menu for Jenna’s birthday! We had burgers and homemade fries, then ate butter pecan cake with vanilla icing for dessert. We also managed to sing happy birthday five times throughout the day, just in case Jenna forgot! Overall it was a fun, laughter-filled day, which will be concluded with popcorn eating and movie watching in the salon!

Pictured: Our view as we left Mo’orea on our way over to Tahiti; Watch Team 1 looking serious and silly; Eliza responding to Amy’s “medical emergency,” Brittany attending to Tim’s “serious bleeding,’ two gorgeous views of the sunset with Mo’orea in the distance from our spot on the dock in Tahiti.