Location: Mo'orea, Society Islands, French Polynesia

Today started with early wake-ups and a big surprise up on deck: Ian was found panicking in the water, and two other divers were missing. All of us got ready to fill in every job needed to successfully rescue Ian, Meg, and Amy. We worked very well as a team by getting a few of us geared up with scuba gear while snorkelers at the surface were assisting with reassuring Ian and getting emergency oxygen ready. It was a good scenario that made us all effectively practice everything we covered during our rescue course. All of this happened in about 20 minutes, after which we had amazing banana bread, cooked by Ivan, and fresh pineapple and mango fruit salad. It was only 7:30, and we already had done so much, but so much more was waiting for us! At 8:30, we got driven to the Belvedere Lookout on the main mountain in Mo’orea to start a hike from there. The hike started really well, everyone was super excited to be back on land, and the vegetation that was surrounding us was incredible; but after a few hours of walking, we realized we got lost and ended up taking 5 hours instead of 3 to finish the hike. Even if we were surrounded by mosquitos and ran out of the water, we were having the best time sliding in the mud and trying to find our way out of the forest. We eventually did it and came back to Argo and refreshed ourselves by taking our beloved ocean showers. The day didn’t end here as Tim and Bryant surprised us again with other scenarios: this time, they were two unconscious divers at the surface. To finish off the afternoon, we also went through the last sections of the EFR course and finished it off! It was a very long and challenging day for everyone, but all loved it. To finish off this crazy day of adventures we’re going to watch a documentary called “Racing Extinction” and Amanda is going to make us her special popcorns as well!!!!

P.S. FAO Charlie – Happy Birthday! The big one, oh! So proud of my favorite little pumpkin hitting double figures. (Do the roar)

1. David D. and Peter rescuing Amy
2. Alex and Seby giving CPR to Ian
3. Argo in Opunohu Bay
4. Belvedere Lookout with the view of Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay
5. Successful rescue divers and grateful Meg and Amy for being saved
6. Group photo at the Belvedere Lookout
7. London, Eliza, and a giant tree
8. A tribal version of drake
9. Me rescuing panicked Ian
10. Happily hiking while happily ignoring that we were getting lost