Location: Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

It was an early start this morning, as we had to get to the fuel dock to prepare for our passage tomorrow. Everything went off without a hitch, despite the rainy weather. After which we were rewarded with pancakes 😉 Then we spent the rest of the day split between shore time and dive time. This morning a nasty, big cruise ship anchored, meaning all the locals set up stalls and performed traditional dances for the large influx of cruise ship passengers. It was crazy to see the difference in the town from today vs. past days; it was like someone waved a magic wand and awoke the people. Most students used the shore time to top off their passage snack collections or use wifi to finalize school/job-related things. Later in the day, we went for a dive, led by our divemaster candidates (they did very well). Some students got to see hammerheads and mantas. The water here is very rich in nutrients, aka low visibility, or vis in dive lingo, meaning you have to get veeeery close to see anything. We learned while getting certified that some people get confused on up and down in these conditions. I never understood how until today while staring into the murky open waters.

Once everyone was back on the boat, we got a head start in passage prep, which mostly consisted of placing things out to dry from the wet day. After which, we took our daily shower, which naturally involved improving our backflipping skills and learning new types of dives and jumps. Before dinner, we all got a chance to read through a book of traditional Polynesian tattoos, be warned the group of students getting tattoos at the end of the trip may be growing.
I think our last day in Nuku-Hiva was well spent. That being said, saying goodbye will be hard.

Pictured: London and Peter helping out on the fuel dock, getting Argo ready for her next short passage; snacks of some of the fresh fruits we collected during the hike yesterday; Bianca watching Moana during the fo’cs’le girls’ movie night.