Location: Underway to the Tuamotus

As we were preparing to leave the haven of Nuku Hiva and once more head out in search of adventure and Ahe atoll, I engaged in a crucial bit of nav system-based research and was once again bewildered at what an awesome place this is. Not only are the place names in this neck of the woods terrific (Motumanu, Ua Pou, Raraka, to name but a few choice favorites), but over the past few days in Nuku Hiva, we’ve been in the thick of the most awesome natural vista I think I’ve ever experienced. While doing the dishes this morning, a shark cruised by all of 5m away yesterday. We had mantas feeding a boat length away from us as we were eating lunch, and we had but poked our bow out of Taiohae Bay when a pod of dolphins decided to attach itself to our bow wave. I feel like to say we have been spoilt by all of this is to say that the universe is a somewhat large place. Nevertheless, after the final preparations for passage had taken place, we were off.

It’s been a thoroughly nautical day. Now that’s not to say that we spend much time engaged in activities that would be described otherwise, what with living on a boat and all, but today had a positive plethora of boat-related activity. We started the passage off with a sailing circle (a way of practicing a few maneuvers we haven’t as yet had the chance to do much of) led by Bryant the wind whisperer himself, and have since set more sails, had a practice NavMaster exam and polished off some oral seamanship exams. Despite all this, there was still time for oceanography with what may have been the penultimate lecture of the semester. All in all, we’re excited to be on the move again and to see another face of what has so far proven to be an awesome country.

Pictured: Playful dolphins and David B at the helm during sunset.

Current position: 09*43.26’S x 140*55.83’W