Location: Underway to the Marquesas

The days are starting to blend together. Everything runs like clockwork: Watch, sleep, eat, repeat. In some ways, passage life can be draining. When you have to be woken up in the middle of the night for days on end to go to watch, sometimes you just want to call in sick. After baking in the sun for a couple of hours or cooking or cleaning for 26 people, the last thing you may want to do is go to class. Yet these are also the places where some of the best moments of the trip happen. Had you been given the option to skip out, you would have no idea why we call Brittany “Mittens” now; what “the moment” refers to, that Lawre kissed a squid; Irish Potatoes are neither Irish nor potatoes; shark attacks are by sharks. You would have never known what or whom you were missing out on. The realization has sunk in that we’re halfway through this passage, and the time is soon approaching when we may look back on these 4 am watches fondly, perhaps even with a bit of longing. For now, however, we’ve still got over 1000 miles of open ocean to complete with an approaching full moon to enjoy, silly bonding moments to facilitate, and plenty of knowledge left to absorb. Luckily, we’ve also got Christian’s Aunt Theresa’s pasta sauce and meatballs for dinner, so we’re all pretty happy about that.