Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Waking up to laughter and people talking was relieving for me because most people were already up. Breakfast was a fan favorite of yogurt and granola along with sides of pineapple, melon, and other delicious fruits. After the conclusion of our meal, we were informed about the plans for the day, including exciting classes, as well as our emergency first responder tests, one of the first steps we take tying into our rescue diver certifications. Everyone seemed very excited to learn about what to do in life-saving emergencies, including first aid, administering CPR, and learning about AEDs. Seamanship class consisted of charts and navigation, where we learned how to plot our course-to-steer among other new and exciting procedures regarding navigating across open seas. Efficiency was encouraged throughout the day in order to save more time for our nighttime activity, a night out in Rodney Bay marina. Shuttles began roughly around 3 pm and were followed by people heading straight to the dock heads to enjoy hot showers before their shopping and dinners. Throughout the night, the group was spread amongst the same few restaurants situated together on the waterfront of the marina. Delicious food, smoothies, and good times were enjoyed by all, including the dinghy rides back to Ocean Star. Everyone spoke about how good the food they ate was, the exciting new things that were purchased, and how much fun we all had together. Soon after returning to Ocean Star, the night fell quiet as everyone was completely drained and fell asleep fast.