Location: Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

A banner day started with the crew having some lovely cinnamon rolls on deck at the early hour of 7 am. As soon as breakfast finished, we let loose the dinghies, driving everyone to shore in rounds. We walked to the Charles Darwin Research Station. We made our way through the exhibits, complete with full-color renditions of the sadly deceased but famous Lonesome George and some currently living enormous tortoises. The center is responsible for breeding finches, tortoises, and other species that are in danger, the idea being that they can help breed some and release them into the wild to help population growth. We learned a lot from the tour, and then we were released onshore for free time and lunch until 3:30. The crew split into smaller groups, eating all over the island, shopping for odds and ends, and stocking up on snacks for our long passage ahead. When we got back to the boat, many of us went for an afternoon swim that also involved teaching Seby and Jack how to dive. After a lot of potentially comical flops, both of them would eventually taste sweet success, despite the red marks on their chests. Eliza graced us with a fantastic oriental soup dinner after we got out of the water, and we had oceanography after dinner. And now, to copy Jack on what I think is the start of a wonderful tradition, we have the tallies for the day:

Unbelievable dinghy handling skills showcased by Alex: 98
Perfect Dinghy Landings by Alex: 1
Massively colossal tortoises spotted: 14
Dives attempted by crewmembers: 214
Successful Dives by crewmembers:12
Number of Lawsuits filed by Jack for allegedly stealing daily tallies from him: 3

Pictured: Peter, Jenna, Bianca, and Eliza at the research station; Steph, Amy, and Amanda at the station; beautiful cactus flowers; Jack as Charles Darwin; large tortoises; baby tortoises; the remains of Lonesome George; and shells from giant tortoises.