Location: Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Last full day in the Galapagos!! We started the morning off with a nice Marine Bio lecture about sharks and rays. Everyone was a little bit sleepy, considering it was a morning class… then we rolled into passage prep. This passage prep involved a few extra steps due to the length of the upcoming passage. After a bit of prepping the boat and organizing our many personal snacks, we took our last jump in showers. We were a little sad about not being able to swim for almost a month. However, we took full advantage of the water. Everyone took turns showing off their diving skillz or teaching each other how to dive/flip. I’m proud to announce Seby completed his first dive, thanks to his instructor Alex. It took lots of faith and complete trust, but he got through it, never looking back. Later we took what we thought would be a short trip to customs. It turned out to be a couple of hours of sitting and waiting, but we got cleaned out, so I guess we did it well. Sadly, we were not rewarded with ice cream for our excellent performance, despite asking more than several times. While waiting to be dinghied back to Argo, a school of rays swam around the dock. They were so cute and little, and I’ll be adding them to our logbooks.

During dinner, we were all under the impression we’d get underway as soon as clean-up was finished. However, this was not the case. Bryant told us because we worked so hard today, we should get a full night of rest and leave at first light. So tune in tomorrow to see if we make a clean exit from the Galapagos!

Pictured: A school of small golden rays at the dock, a sleepy sea lion at the dock, Eliza enjoying an acai bowl yesterday; ceramic artwork around town; gorgeous sunset over Santa Cruz.