Location: 01*26.75s X 091*28.55w

In the words of Rusted Root / Ice Age, we are finally on the way, and what an awesome day to begin our crossing. Despite bleary eyes and general early morning-induced struggles, everyone was up on deck by 6:20 this morning for final preparations and the raising of the anchor as we left the Galapagos for the wild blue yonder. Fueled by our zeal for adventure, the unknown, and some ample portions of porridge, we got the passage off to a positive start by scrubbing high and low, making sure Argo is in tip-top condition for our passage. As per usual, meal times were a highlight. Amanda, Alex, and Kai turned out some truly breathtaking tacos at lunch matched only by their pulled pork and roast vegetables for dinner. The wind built enough through the late morning and early afternoon to be able to set the main and jib as well as staysails, which alongside a 2-3 knot current under us has made this a great day of sailing. From Panama to the Galapagos, the ITCZ meant we were left with a distinct absence of a breeze, so now to be churning out the miles without the engine rumbling away in the background is just fantastic. Fingers crossed for more of the same over the next 3000 miles.

Pictured: Sunrise as we prepared to depart the Galapagos this morning; two views of Argo at sunset.