Location: Underway to the Marquesas

As the first full day of our Pacific crossing passage comes to an end, the crew of S/Y Argo is anxious to see what the remaining days of passage have in store for us.

It was a pretty standard day of passage but for some awesome wildlife sightings both at the beginning and end of the day. Watch team one was gifted with a whale sighting this morning; dorsal fin, fluke, dive the whole enchilada. Shortly before dinner was over, a pod of dolphins helped us say goodbye to the day by displaying some incredible acrobatics to complement one more unbelievable passage sunset.

Today’s fantastic food was prepared by Head Chef Sophie with the assistance of Meg and London. It turned out beautifully.

After lunch, the group went on to Marine Biology class with Amy to continue preparing for our upcoming test on marine life and another masterfully organized leadership class with Ian. Following class, the advanced sailing crew conformed of Jack, Bianca, and myself (Ivan) had a short lecture on weather systems in preparation for one of two exams we’ll be presenting on this passage.

Dinner came and went with the sunset, and the crew is working hard to give Argo one last clean-up for the day.

Greetings from the Pacific ocean! Until next time.

S/Y Argo, Out

Seby and Eliza standing bow watch.
The Crew of S/Y Argo enjoying a well-deserved dinner after working hard.
Sunset in the southern hemisphere

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