Location: Underway to the Marquesas

Day 3 of passage was another great day. We are all getting used to the routine of being underway again. Overnight watches are going smoothly with limited boat traffic. It is starting to sink in that we are crossing the Pacific.
Watch team 3 started the day by putting up the fisherman sail…twice (that was our ten-minute workout for the shift). Having the fisherman up provided us a bit more stability as this passage has turned out pretty rolly with the limited wind. Lunch of vegetarian shepherd’s pie was prepared by head chef Peter and his team of Tim and Seby, and it was delicious.

After lunch, we had an oceanography class and a seamanship class. We learned about waves in oceanography, and we started our navigation master course in seamanship. The class was almost over when we had a mysterious line come down the companionway. The fisherman sheet had broken, and the sail had to come down. Argo is back to having a little less stability in these rolly seas. This meant that dinner was eventful as always whenever the boat rolled, and someone wasn’t holding on to their plate, and it would slide across the deck.

For squeeze tonight, I asked everyone, “If you could invent a sport or combine two or more existing sports, what would it be?” Everyone had fun and gave some creative answers. Some of the most interesting answers were tackle football while surfing, water polo with a ping pong ball, and competitive water running, where you see how far you can run on the surface of the water from land.

Everyone seems to be enjoying passage life, and it will only get better from here.

Alex, Drake, and Brittany sweating the fisherman sheet
Alex helming
Today’s dishy pit working hard washing the dinner dishes

Current position:
3* 53.22′ S
96* 11.26′ W