Location: Underway to the Marquesas

Today on Argo started like any other. SIKE. It was Captain Bryant’s birthday, and the whole boat was buzzing with excitement. The crew could hardly sleep a wink. Unfortunately, the sky didn’t get the memo, and we received our first overcast day of the passage (neither did the job wheel; Bryant had to cook all of his birthday meals). However, this didn’t dampen our spirits; we lost our minds somewhere around 20 minutes in; it would take a lot to bring us down. Though it was a bit cloudy and it drizzled part of the afternoon, many of us appreciated this change in the weather in contrast to the blistering hot days we have had recently.

We had a riveting day with marine bio and leadership classes after lunch, led by professors Amy and Ian. Then our afternoon was suddenly interrupted by a surprise man overboard drill. For this drill, we dropped the man overboard pole and life ring into the water, dropped sails, circled back around, prepared man overboard gear to put a rescuer in the water (though this was just practice, no one actually went in), and ultimately brought “Oscar” safely back onboard using the boat hook. Each watch team thoroughly practiced their roles, and we worked together as a cohesive whole to accomplish the “rescue.” I am pleased to say that I feel comfortable and safe with falling overboard (though that is still discouraged). The day started wrapping up then with a wonderful dinner and birthday dessert before we presented gifts and cards to our fearless leader. See the photos for one of the gifts purchased in the Galapagos. You’ll never have trouble distinguishing who our captain is now!

Back on watch schedules now, we look forward to what tomorrow will bring.

Pictured: Birthday Bryant in his birthday mask that the students gave him; serving up some dinner despite the drizzle; Bryant and some of the crew about to enjoy some birthday brownies (check out the crazy eyes from some of the crew in the background).

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