Location: Underway to the Marquesas

And on the sixth day of passage, Bryant said, “Warp factor 9, Engage,” and we were off! Overnight, the breeze had finally filled in from the south and was flowing over the beam at a whistling 20kts. We set the flying jib and the jib in the morning and have been cruising along at 9 to 11 knots since then. Argo feels great when she is pumping along with the wind to drive her across the water and through the waves. The rhythmic creaking and gentle rocking of the vessel are very soothing and can be a little too meditative at times. Voices carry much better with the engine off, keeping conversations at a hushed tone during night watch to allow for others to sleep. This adds to the challenge of staying awake. Luckily our conversations on watch team one have been stimulating. Watch team three has taken up sea shanties to keep themselves awake and can often be heard bellowing out a tune from down below when they get a bit too excited. We have about 2200 miles to go before reaching the Marquesas. At one point in this passage, we will be closer to the international space station than the nearest point of land. The vastness of the Pacific Ocean is amazing, and we have been lucky to spot a vessel or two. We left from the Galapagos on the same day that the Ark Round the World Rally set out, so we have been accompanied by a few of their vessels at various points. We have been going so fast that I believe we have overtaken the majority of the fleet, but I may be underestimating the speed of the fleet. Some of those catamarans and trimarans are quite zippy. I hope all is well in the world and that nothing too exciting has occurred while we have been away.

Pictured: Alex, Sam, London, Brittany, Bianca, David B, Kai, Alexa

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